AZELA Mission

The Arizona Equipment Leasing Association is dedicated to facilitating the advancement and general interests of Arizona´s Leasing Industry through organizing and conducting periodic gatherings of Leasing Professionals from all types and sizes of ethical businesses.

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By joining the local association of equipment leasing professionals, you´ll receive the opportunity to gain eye to eye contact and relationships with professionals in this industry that you share common issues and concerns with.

You´ll gain perspectives on the national meetings that you may wish to attend, products and processes that work or haven´t worked for other organizations, new funding sources locally and nationally, recognition within your local lending community, contact with leading professionals in the equipment leasing industry. The dues are minimal and the organization´s purpose is solely to provide communication venues for the leasing community with in the state of Arizona.

Furthermore, if you want input as to the future of the industry, you´ll gain immediate attention on a local level many experienced people locally and opportunity to meet national funding sources.

By becoming a member of AZELA, you’re more likely to be found! Advertising comes with your membership. Membership application is here. http://azela.net/?page_id=124

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